Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Wildlife Adventures

Wildlife Adventures with Paul Konrad: 33 Exciting Wildlife Expeditions Take You Across the Nation and Around the World.
This photo of a Superb Starling taken in the Serengeti Plains in Kenya is featured on the back cover of the book: Wildlife Adventures.

Join the Editor of The Birding Wire on expeditions to 7 continents to observe and photograph some of the most exciting birds in the world, including Harpy Eagles, Emperor Geese, Resplendent Quetzals, Crowned Cranes, King Penguins, and many more, along with other exciting wildlife. With the experience of birding in 44 different countries and 44 different American states, Paul Konrad shares his experiences like you were sitting next to him, along for the ride. All 33 articles are illustrated by Konrad’s color photos, this is the first volume in the Wildlife Adventures series.

Paul invites you to share his most exciting wildlife encounters with iconic animals he’s interacted with around the world. Join the action and enjoy his vivid descriptions of memorable interactions with exciting animals in the wildest locations, ranging from eagles to bears, penguins to whales, parrots to elephants, and many more, all illustrated with Paul’s color photographs.

Feel the excitement of walking among hundreds of thousands of King Penguins on an Antarctic island, witness a giant Harpy Eagle fly to its nest in the Amazon rainforest, and photograph a rare Snowy Owl at close quarters just a short distance from home – Paul takes you along, every step of the way. Let The Adventures Begin! For more information about Wildlife Adventures and to check out a number of pages of the book, see Wildlife Adventures: 33 Exciting Wildlife Expeditions Take You Across the Nation and Around the World: Konrad, Paul: 9781482388909: Books