Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Eastern Whooping Cranes Reach 81

Whooping Cranes will soon begin migrating south from Wisconsin to wintering sites as far south as Alabama and Florida (photo by Paul Konrad).

This year’s fall count of the introduced Eastern population of Whooping Cranes is currently estimated at 81, including 19 wild-hatched Whoopers. At the beginning of October at least 63 Whooping Cranes were still in Wisconsin, 1 (possibly 2) in Michigan, and 4 in Illinois, with other Whooping Cranes in the eastern population unconfirmed during the past month. This exciting project to reintroduce Whooping Cranes has been led by the International Crane Foundation, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and a broad group of other agencies, groups, and individuals.

For more information about the introduced Eastern population of Whooping Cranes and other crane-related news from around the world, see Whooping Crane Eastern Population Update – October 2021 - International Crane Foundation (