Wednesday, June 10, 2020

David Sibley Shares Insights into Birds

Ace birder, artist, and author David Sibley shares insights about his new book: What It’s Like to Be a Bird.

America’s premier birder and bird artist, David Sibley talks about his newest book, What It’s Like to Be a Bird, with American Birding Podcast host Nate Swick. While David shares that this book provides answers to common questions about familiar birds, he also notes that he shares information about birds with “superpowers,” abilities and adaptations that allow certain birds to do some of the amazing things they do. Sibley also describes many of his illustrations for the book as flashy illustrations of birds actively doing things, which is quite different from his field guide art.

National Public Radio recently wrote, “The book’s beauty mirrors the beauty of birds it describes so marvelously.” Interesting to every Sibley follower will be some of the insights he shares about the painting, drawing, and field sketching techniques he uses in illustrations for the book, as well as previous publications. Best known for his series of Sibley Guides, David’s first publication is still his most popular: The Sibley Guide to Birds. While listening to the interview, you will enjoy David Sibley’s unassuming, calm yet authoritative demeanor that will help you to appreciate his publications all the more – be sure to tune into this American Birding Association podcast.

Black Birders Podcast Preview

There is also a short discussion before the David Sibley interview; a pointed and necessary monologue that appropriately addresses concerns for black birders and a recent incident that ties into recent national demonstrations. Please hear out podcast host Nate Swick and appreciate his interests and concerns, then enjoy the interview with David Sibley about his new book on the American Birding Podcast.

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