Wednesday, March 15, 2023

New! Hummingbird Nectar Cans

The innovative 16-ounce Hummingbird Nectar Cans can be purchased individually or in box sets of 4 cans.

An impressive new innovation for hummingbird feeders, Perky-Pet has announced their new Hummingbird Nectar Cans that contain your choice of a 16 ounce ready to use nectar or a 12 ounce nectar concentrate – both have been reverse-engineered to mimic real flower nectar hummingbirds feed on in nature. Packaged in a lightweight, easy-to-use aluminum to allow for no-spill filling of your feeder.

There’s no more boiling or mixing, just pop the can open, pour the nectar, and recycle the can. The aluminum can design also helps to reduce plastic waste by up to 95 percent compared to standard Perky-Pet nectar bottles. All this for hummingbirds, but wait, there are ready to use Oriole Nectar Cans too!

For more information, about the variety and packaging of Hummingbird Nectar Cans, and Oriole Nectar Cans too, see Perky-Pet® Nectar Cans | Hummingbird & Oriole Nectar |