Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The AOU Annual Meeting

The isle of Puerto Rico takes great pride in it’s 17 endemic species, along with a variety of other interesting species including this Green-throated Carib, a hummingbird found throughout most of the Lesser Antilles.

The joint conference of the American Ornithological Union (AOU) and BirdsCaribbean will be held in Puerto Rico from June 27 to July 2 at the San Juan Convention Center, featuring a variety of speakers, roundtable discussions, scientific presentations, workshops, training opportunities, networking social events, and field trips. The conference has been tailored to enable broad participation by a variety of interested people from associated nations in cooperation with local hosts Para la Naturaleza and the Sociedad Ornitologica Puertorriquena.

For more information including a schedule of events and presentations, see To check out the Puerto Rican field trips being organized in part by Wildside Nature Tours see Field Trips - AOS & BC 2022 (