Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Think Big – Big Bird Feeders!

The Brome SquirrelBuster Suet Feeder

Whether they’re a helpful part of your winter feeding scheme or a novelty to display in your yard, our big bird feeders are so impressive they’re hard to resist. If you’re interested in upsizing, there’s probably a very big feeder for you – tube feeders, hopper feeders, hummingbird feeders, window feeders, and platform feeders. Maybe it becomes a part of a big feeder collection or perhaps you’re just into big things and want the biggest feeders to go along with your big house, big truck, and big dog. How can you resist such a conversation piece in your yard – and who knows, maybe you will only need to refill it once a month.

To start with, check out the Big 4-foot-long Elite Tube Feeder by Droll Yankees with 12 feeding ports and a giant weather and squirrel baffle. Most tube feeders are 17 inches long, so this is a really Big one!

It you thought that was the longest feeder – Nope – there’s the Big 4-foot-long Humbar Hummingbird Feeder by Perky Pet. Unfortunately, they are presently out of stock, so you’ll have to wait, or downsize to the 24-inch-long Humbar Hummingbird Feeder – or you can always buy two!

Wild Bird Unlimited’s Big EcoTough Ground Flythrough Feeder is the Biggest platform feeder we found; it features stout legs that support the table-sized seed platform and it also has a big roof to protect seeds from rain, sleet, or snow.

The new Brome SquirrelBuster Suet Feeder definitely runs in the Big category, and it’s considered the only truly squirrel-proof suet feeder. Measuring 18½ inches long and almost 9 inches wide, it holds two 5x5 inch suet cakes that will keep your woodpeckers and other birds busy!

The very Big Duncraft Picture Window Feeder is the biggest of its category, featuring 3 separate bird food compartments, including one for a suet cake, and two others for seeds, seed mixes, grape jelly – anything goes. It literally will bring birds within reach as you study their plumage and behaviors right out your window.

For more information about each of the featured Big Feeders, refer to the webpages listed below, and don’t hesitate to check for other quality products while you’re on site:

See the Droll Yankee Big 4-foot-long Elite Tube Feeder at

Refer to the Big 2-foot-long Humbar Hummingbird Feeder by Perky-Pet at

For more information about the Big EcoTough Ground Flythrough Feeder, visit Wild Birds Unlimited at

A video of the new Browme SquirrelBuster Suet Feeder in action can be viewed at

Check out the Big Duncraft Picture Window Feeder at

If you had them all, you’d have a Really Big feeding station, to be sure!

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