Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Watch Nesting Snowy Owls Live!

Now you can watch downy Snowy Owls develop at their tundra nest site. Among the most interesting of the worlds’ owls, Snowy Owls nest in remote areas of Arctic tundra, especially in northern Alaska, Canada, and Russia (photo by Paul Konrad).

With almost 24 hours of sunlight per day in the Arctic this time of year, you can view the activities at an active Snowy Owl nest any time of day or night. This Snowy Owl nest is located near Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow), Alaska, and is part of the Owl Research Institute’s (ORI’s) long-term study on Snowy Owls and Brown Lemming ecology. This summer marks the 31st year of the Snowy Owl Project, the longest nesting study of Snowy Owls.

Watch the live action now as the downy nestlings are beginning to move around nest more, at Arctic Snowy Owl - Nesting Cam | and learn more about the long-term ORI project at Snowy Owl and Brown Lemming Breeding Ecology