Wednesday, June 9, 2021

ABA’s Free Book: Let’s Go Birding

Download a Free PDF copy of Let’s Go Birding, provided by the American Birding Association.

A free publication of the American Birding Association, Let’s Go Birding’s author, Ted Floyd conveys not just the enthusiasm that maintains us in birding lifestyles, but helps us grow as we build and refine our skills as birders. Providing wise counsel and understanding, Floyd conveys that every experience with birds contributes to your skills as a birder; each experience in the field, in itself, is a special moment - an escape from life’s routine, an encounter with nature’s beauty. This book shares how birding can be challenging, fun, fascinating, and fulfilling; and as you continue your birding odyssey, this little book will guide you toward practices that will enrich your experience with birds.

You can download a Free copy of Let’s Go Birding, a short book filled with a wealth of helpful and inspirational information about birds and birding at