Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Monitor Spring Migration with BirdCast

Seeing flocks of migrating birds, like these Wilson’s Phalaropes, adds to the excitement of the spring season. BirdCast adds another dimension of interest and understanding to spring migration (photo by Paul Konrad).

Are you interested in learning which species birds are migrating through your county and your state day by day? Migration Dashboard provides localized bird migration information for any county in the continental United States. Just type the name of your county or state into the white box at the top of the Migration Dashboard webpage to see daily local bird migration reviews that provide an illustrated list of some of the birds you can expect to see next in your area. You can also explore bird migration progress in other counties and states of interest across the Lower 48 States at Migration Dashboard - BirdCast

But wait, the Migration Dashboard is just 1 of 4 BirdCast webpages that help us better understand and follow the nightly progress of bird migration north this spring. There’s also the Live Bird Migration Map, the Bird Migration Forecast Maps, and Local Migration Alerts. The information provided on these 4 internet webpages is exceptionally interesting and can be helpful when planning birding trips, and to better understanding seasonal migration surges – before and after they happen.

We encourage you to monitor the 4 BirdCast sites regularly to keep attuned to migration in your county, city, and across the continental United States – it takes just a few minutes. Always a hit, you can view the exciting live radar-based migration maps at the Live Bird Migration Maps at Live bird migration maps - BirdCast During recent night flights the radar map showed impressive migration activities from Texas to Georgia north as far as Iowa and New York. Every night is different though, as is the timing of each overnight migration, so check in periodically – if not daily – to see how spring migration is progressing across the Lower 48 States.

In addition to the signature Live Bird Migration Radar Map, which is archived daily for your reference, you can also take a look at the Bird Migration Forecast Maps at Bird migration forecast maps - BirdCast It’s always important to have an idea of what to expect in the near future when it comes to spring migration. And you can also monitor your local migration possibilities for the next 3 nights by checking in for Local Bird Migration Alerts for your city, or a city near you, at Local bird migration alerts - BirdCast Keep in touch with the pulses of bird migration, keep checking back, and enjoy the spring migration season to its fullest!