Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Lively Summer Water

The Rock Waterfall
The Solar Fountain
The Universal Dripper
The Avian Rock Mister
The Water Wiggler

Lively up your summer bird bath or add to your existing water feature by adding some action and the sound of moving water with a small fountain, waterfall, dripper, mister – or all of these options. Not only will one or more of these accessories create more lively action with the sight and sound of moving water, but they also make your bird bath, water basin, or water feature even more attractive to birds, especially birds that are making a migration stop or even looking for a winter layover.

It’s natural for birds to locate water sources by listening for the movement of water; that’s how they find water at springs, streams – and at bird baths. Therefore, it should be a natural for us to include moving water as part of our feeding station or flower garden. You don’t even need an electric connection to keep a motor running if you opt for a solar-operated fountain attachment or a funky “water wiggler.”

Your local birding store may have some options, but not all of us have a birding store nearby. But we certainly can get this kind of specialized equipment sent to our door by ordering it online. Therefore, here we provide a variety of options readily available, and if you order soon, you will have a functioning water feature operating to attract a greater variety of birds during the second half of August and thereafter.

First on our list is a miniature Rock Waterfall, which adds a natural-looking base and the trickle of running water to your yard. This is the one accessory listed here that requires an electric outlet and the safety precautions that come with that, but it’s sure to add much to your backyard habitat. Learn more at

A Solar Fountain that fits in almost any bird bath, water basin, or other water feature is also available from Duncraft, a company that clearly has the most variety in the water feature accessory department. Learn more about this interesting mini-fountain at

Drippers and Misters don’t need a power source either, but they do require a water source – usually just an outdoor hose is adequate to hook up a dripper, mister, or a combination of the two.

A two-in-one combination, the Drip-or-Mist attachment from Wild Birds Unlimited provides a level of versatility that can be adapted for hummingbirds that prefer mist, or dialed to a dripper with a variable drip rate for many other birds. Learn more about this versatile water feature at

Duncraft offers a couple pure Dripper options, which you can see and review at and

To get all the information about two different models of Misters, check out Duncraft’s dual options at and

Have we mentioned Water Wigglers yet? The Water Wiggler from Duncraft runs on two DD batteries and keeps water moving with a rippling action. Learn more at A lighted option is the Aurora Water Wiggler that features a dome that illuminates at dusk and cycles through six different colors – just for fun. Learn more at

Make your existing water feature more interesting for you, your family, visitors, and especially the birds – local birds, migrating birds, and eventually, wintering birds. All birds are attracted to water, especially moving water, so consider the importance of using the moving water accessories that you think will serve you and the birds best.

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