Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Grouse, Pheasants, Quail & More

Game Birds – A Celebration of North American Upland Birds

A photographic celebration of the diverse family of pheasants, grouse, quail, partridges, ptarmigan, and turkeys, the large-format book Game Birds – A Celebration of North American Upland Birds beautifully illustrates and describes the 34 different gallinaceous birds found across the United States and Canada. This milestone book features 384 spectacular color photos that range from the diverse mating displays of the different grouse species to close-ups of the intricately marked Montezuma Quail, providing impressive collections of photographs of each species.

Award-winning photographer and writer Gary Kramer provides an in-depth view of this exciting group of birds as his compelling narrative is delivered with accuracy (each chapter was reviewed by experts of each species). Gary Kramer may be the only person to photograph and publish images of all 34 species of gallinaceous birds found in the United States and Canada, making this book a milestone achievement. Ranging from the widespread and familiar Northern Bobwhites to the seldom seen or photographed Himalayan Snowcocks, you will enjoy learning more about each species in this popular book.

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