Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Global Big Day is this Saturday!

Join the worldwide team of birders by participating in the Global Big Day this Saturday, May 14th (Multicolored Tanager photo by Luis Enrique Bueno).

You are invited to join birders from around the world to participate in the Global Big Day this Saturday, May 14th. This exciting annual event unites birders from around the world to report all the birds they see at their favorite birding hotspots, including their yards. Wherever you are, whether you have some hours for birding, or just 15 minutes to participate, you can join the global team Saturday to help biologists study the bird populations on each continent during mid-May. During last year’s event, birders set 4 World Records for a single day of birding!

A year ago during the Global Big Day, more than 51,816 birders from 192 countries found 7,234 different species of birds! Birders count all birds they see of each species they find. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s a great way for you to be a part of the biggest day in birding – the Global Big Day! You can include photos you take, and appreciate that this information provides biologists with a wealth of information about birds worldwide during a peak period of spring migration.

It’s always interesting to check in to the Global Big Day webpage periodically over the weekend to see how the action is progressing – you never know what exciting birds you may get introduced to at Global Big Day—14 May 2022 - eBird