Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Talkin’ Birds Radio Programs & Podcasts

Talkin’ Birds is a live interactive radio show hosted by Dave Brown about birding, wild birds, attracting birds to your yard, feeding them, and learning more about them. Gracing the airwaves since 2006, the show is broadcast from WATD in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Each program features Dave and expert guests, news stories, and conservation updates, plus there are weekly contests with birding-related prizes. You can listen to archived programs anytime online, and it’s possible to download programs as podcasts too.

Talkin’ Birds airs live from 9:30 to 10:00 Sunday mornings with upcoming radio shows that include featured guest Don Kroodsma on March 29, who will be talking about his new book, Birdsong for the Curious Naturalist. On April 5, Dr. Rob Bieeregaard will be sharing exciting information about Osprey migration, and during the April 26 program, Andrew Berry will be discussing his work tracking a nesting pair of Golden Eagles!

It’s easiest to enjoy Talkin’ Birds via the program archives at