Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Photography: Birds

In this “Must Have” vividly illustrated new photo guide published by Mountaineers Books – Photography: Birds, Field Techniques and the Art of the Image – award-winning bird photographer Garrit Vyn reveals his methods and shares how to photograph birds based on location and bird behavior. He details the range of technical considerations while providing clear instruction and advice, as well as the creative options a photographer must make about lighting, framing, timing, and motion.

Once you absorb the stunning images that illustrate this new book, you will appreciate how Vyn writes about photo topics unique for bird photographers, including photographing at a feeding station, utilizing blinds, and more. After your camerawork creates fine photos, Vyn describes how images can be digitally edited, and throughout the book he emphasizes an ethical approach to observing and photographing birds. At times, Garrit’s technical expertise and equipment suggestions seem to be geared from one professional to other pros, but there is plenty of useful information for beginners, hobbyists, and enthusiastic bird photographers to glean, utilize, and improve their bird photography, now and for years to come.

Photography: Birds, Field Techniques and the Art of the Image, can be purchased from the publisher, Mountaineers Books, at