Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Tune In the “Talkin’ Birds” Radio Show

You can listen to live radio programs Sunday mornings, or listen to archived programs and podcasts anytime (Short-eared Owl photo by Paul Konrad).

Most birders are familiar with the long-running radio show and podcast “Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds” and look forward to live broadcasts each Sunday, and appreciate access to the library of podcasts available. The next featured guest on the show is Virginia Rose, founder of the Birdability accessible birding initiative, this Sunday, October 18th. Also tune into upcoming interviews with such exciting guests as Dr. Christian Rutz, a pioneering researcher who studied tool use by New Caledonian Crows; and Terry Townsend, a Beijing-based birding expert with interesting insights to share.

You can listen to live radio programs Sunday mornings at

If you miss any live radio broadcasts you can listen to them in the archives anytime at and browse through past radio shows to listen to programs of special interest.