Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Early February Birding Festivals

Among the variety of February birding festivals, the sights and sounds of Snow Geese attract birders to the High Plains Snow Goose Festival in Lamar, Colorado (photos by Paul Konrad).

A great way to elevate your birding fundamentals and experience is to attend birding festivals to take advantage of guided tours, field trips, workshops, informational programs, product fairs, photo contests, featured speakers, and fun for the whole family. It’s a great way to experience the community of birders that comes together too, with each person sharing insights into our common interests. Featuring such exciting birds as expansive flocks of Snow Geese, Bald Eagle sightings, migrating waterfowl, and a variety of coastal birds, there’s something for everyone among the early February birding fests.

February 2 to 5 – A well-established birding festival celebrating its 20th year, the High Plains Snow Goose Festival will be held in Lamar, Colorado; see 20th Annual High Plains Snow Goose Festival | All About Birds All About Birds

February 4 – With more nesting Bald Eagles than anywhere else in the state, the Cumberland County Winter Eagle Festival is centered in Bridgeton, New Jersey; email

February 4 – A great place to start your month is the Galt Birding Festival in Galt, California; email

February 10 – Revel in the birds of the San Francisco Bay Flyway Festival adjacent to Vallejo, California; see 2023 Hybrid/Virtual/In-Person San Francisco Bay Flyway Festival | Facebook

February 10 to 12 – Enjoy the Hammock Coast Birding Festival along the Hammock Coast of South Carolina; for more information see Hammock Coast Birding Festival | Hammock Coast (