Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The ABA Rare Bird Alert’s Weekly Highlights

Far from an ocean, an adult Brown Booby photographed at Lake Malone is the First State Record for Kentucky.

Birders documented 3 First State Records last week, including a Brown Booby in Kentucky, a Bermuda Petrel offshore North Carolina, and a Cassin’s Kingbird in Michigan! Garden City birders found a Third State Record Hepatic Tanager in Kansas; and there was a Third State Record Garganey sighted near Sea Grit Beach, New Jersey, while another Garganey was reported near Edmonton, which created a Seventh Provincial Record for Alberta. Check on the rest of recent reports of rare birds from Alaska to Florida too.



First State Record Brown Booby – Lake Malone, Kentucky

First State Record Bermuda Petrel – offshore Hatteras, North Carolina

First State Record Cassin’s Kingbird – Sleeping Bear Point, Michigan

Third State Record Hepatic Tanager – Garden City, Kansas

Third State Record Garganey – near Sea Grit Beach, New Jersey

Seventh State Record Garganey – near Edmonton, Alberta



Redwing – Utquiagvik, Alaska

Common House Martin – Gambel, Alaska

Nazca Booby – offshore Laguna Beach, California

Neotropic Cormorant – Newburgh, New York

Yellow-crowned Night Heron – St. Pierre et Miquelon

Great-tailed Grackles – Steigerwald Lake Refuge, Washington



Pine Flycatcher – Arizona

Tufted Flycatcher – Arizona

Nutting’s Flycatcher – Arizona

Social Flycatcher – Texas

LaSagra’s Flycatcher – Florida

Bahama Mockingbird – Florida


For more information, refer to the American Birding Association’s Rare Bird Alert at Rare Bird Alert: June 3, 2022 - American Birding Association ( Special Thanks to the ABA, and Nate Swick, who does such a great job of compiling the ABA’s Rare Bird Alert, which we use to prepare this weekly replay.

You can often find more info about individual rare bird sightings from the state rare bird alert listserves that you can access at or at