Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Try American Birding Association Songbird Coffee

One of many blends of American Birding Association Songbird Coffee.

In addition to flowers and chocolates, this year add some special coffee to your Valentine gift – or try a new brand or blend of shade-grown coffee at home and at work that benefits wild birds. Choose from a variety of coffee blends and roasts, including a great decaffeinated medium roast coffee. Certified shade-grown coffee is grown on coffee farms that are integrated into the tropical forest, so this type of coffee growing attracts a lively community of birds, monkeys, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Each package sold supports this style of coffee growing, local farmers, and birding guides; and a portion of the proceeds benefits the mission, programs, and conservation efforts of the American Birding Association. By drinking shade-grown, bird friendly coffee, you support the coffee farmers that use this technique, along with the countless birds they are benefitting, along with the efforts of the American Birding Association. For more information about the variety of ABA shade-grown coffees, visit