Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Live-Streaming Bald Eagle Nest Cams!

Bald Eagles from Florida to Minnesota and Oklahoma to California have already begun nesting and you can monitor their nesting behavior now and watch the action online from egg laying to fledging via some well-positioned live-streaming cameras – day and night. Four live cams stand out. with one Bald Eagle nest featuring newly hatched downy nestlings, two others showing eagles incubating eggs at different stages of development, and one pair that is still nest building, so there is plenty of action to follow week to week, month to month, as the nesting season continues.

Enjoy a look at the following four live video feeds online and check in regularly, if not frequently – you will surely enjoy this online birding experience!

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam – The pair of Bald Eagles at this nest in southwest Florida already has week-old downy nestlings to check out. See

Oklahoma Eagle Cam – This pair is incubating two eggs in their large tree nest at Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge near Vian, Oklahoma. The overhead angle of this nest camera is especially revealing at

Minnesota Bald Eagle Cam – Still surrounded by snow on their Minnesota nest, this northern pair of Bald Eagles is already incubating eggs, with the first egg laid last Thursday. See

Catalina Island Eagle Cam – This Bald Eagle pair is nest building at their cliff point nest site above Two Harbors on the remote Island of Santa Catalina, off the coast of Los Angeles, California. Featuring an ocean and island view, you can monitor this picturesque nest site at

Enjoy the Bald Eagle action at these four websites through the season to get an interesting insight into the natural history of America’s national symbol – and a better understanding of the nesting process of birds as a biological order. Most of all, enjoy these remarkable birds and appreciate how exciting it is to have the opportunity to look into wild eagles’ nests – live!