Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Preliminary Results of Global Big Day

Among the more than 7,700 birds observed and photographed during the Global Big Day were Cinnamon Flycatchers by Rafael Usme in Colombia.
Closer to home, a migrating White-crowned Sparrow was photographed by Frederick Lelievre in Quebec.

Big Thanks to everyone who participated in the Global Big Day last Saturday! When reviewing the totals online, it’s clear how universal birding and our interest in birds is; beyond language, culture, and politics, it’s an extraordinary spring day when birders are united in spirit and purpose. Birders around the world dedicated a part of their day to spring’s biggest day of birding – Global Big Day – and although personal reports continue to trickle in, it’s amazing to see the numbers of people involved, the number of countries represented, and the expansive variety of birds that were documented!

As we went to press late Tuesday, the countries with the Top 10 species counts were Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, India, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, and the United States. Overall, birders appear to be on their way to establishing new records as reports continue to be submitted. At press time late Tuesday, we checked to find birders had already reported 7,707 different species during the Global Big Day!

You can see totals reported to date during last Saturday’s Global Big Day 2024, submitted by birders from nearly 200 different countries, at Global Big Day page

The bird lists provided by birders during the Global Big Day are analyzed to help biologists better understand global bird populations and to create resources like the animated abundance maps produced by eBird Science, along with other information (see eBird Science). Enjoy every day you can do a little birding like it’s a Big Day!