Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Birds Canada Joins Conservation Initiative

Canada Warblers nest in the southern boreal forest across Canada and northeastern states, then winter in the tropics from Costa Rica to Peru, which emphasizes the importance of a hemispheric approach to migratory bird conservation efforts (photo by Paul Konrad).

Birds Canada has become the newest partner in Conserva Aves, a bird and biodiversity conservation partnership created in 2021 led by the American Bird Conservancy, National Audubon Society, BirdLife International, and the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds. This investment will enable Birds Canada to work with partners to support locally-led and gender-equitable conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean to create 100 new protected areas totaling at least 4.9 million acres of valuable habitats for migratory and resident bird populations.

The Canadian Minister of International Development, Ahmed Hussen, recently announced Canada’s investment of $15 million over 3 years to Birds Canada to support the health of biodiversity and ecosystems in Latin America and the Caribbean through Conserva Aves. Birds Canada joins Conserva Aves at a relevant moment when the Initiative is expanding from the northern Andes region to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. These regions are known to support some of the highest biodiversity on Earth and provide winter habitats for many migratory birds that nest in Canada and the United States.

Members of Conserva Aves have seen exciting success to date as they currently work with 8 countries, of which 4 countries are in the process of formally declaring protected areas totaling 2,862,963 acres!

“Birds Canada is thrilled to be joining the Conserva Aves initiative thanks to a significant investment by the Government of Canada,” said Patrick Nadeau, Birds Canada’s President and CEO. “Throughout the hemisphere, birds unite us. Creating protected areas in Latin America and the Caribbean will not only help those countries halt and reverse biodiversity loss – it will help Canada do the same, by protecting essential wintering habitat for dozens of migratory bird species. By working together, we will support meaningful conservation action and gender equity that benefits birds, biodiversity, and local communities.”

Conserva Aves is an important answer to this challenge as an inclusive conservation and climate change mitigation strategy that benefits birds, biodiversity, and present and future generations of people. We know that effective conservation is only possible with a hemispheric connection, from the boreal forests of North America to the Patagonia region in South America, from the Andes to the Caribbean, and throughout Mexico and Central America. They point out that only through international partnerships can we achieve a full annual life cycle of conservation for our shared birds and hemispheric biodiversity.

For more information, you can refer to the American Bird Conservancy article: Birds Canada Joins the Conserva Aves Initiative to Support Local Protected Areas in Latin America and the Caribbean - American Bird Conservancy (