Wednesday, July 10, 2024

New ‘Bird Club’ Clothing

The Bird Club’s ‘Northern Flicker - East Meets West’ Hoodie is made of 100 percent organic French terry cotton with featured chenille embroidery.

Bird Club, an new innovative brand of sustainable fashion that emphasizes inclusive diversity among birders, shows a passion for birding in every crafted product. The debut Bird Club collection features stylish, eco-friendly apparel, including the “Northern Flicker - East Meets West Hoodie” and “Mallard Rugby Shirt,” designed to resonate with birding enthusiasts and fashion-forward people. The Bird Club is also announcing its partnership with Kowa, to combine quality optics with fashion in innovative approach to inclusive birding and conservation.

Bird Club clothing is designed to help introduce more people to birding, including subtle bird-inspired patterns when you want to be understated yet bold, and adding sophisticated designs to make a statement, like the territorial Northern Flickers illustrated in chenille embroidery. Bird Club actively works to get more diverse groups of people involved in birding and to welcome diversity in the birding community. Every product is made sustainably, using organic cotton, recycled materials, and plant-based textiles, but no new plastics – all with a commitment to sustainability in all aspects of Bird Club business.

Dedicated to bird conservation and social issues, Bird Club products are crafted for people who enjoy the birding experience, want to share it with everyone, and revel in the details of the natural world. Celebrate the beauty of ornithology in premium, sustainable apparel from Bird Club. Look into the durable, high-quality clothing designed by Bird Club to last, with sweatshirts crafted to last 10 years at BIRD CLUB - Best-Selling Ornithology-Inspired Apparel and So Much More