Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Water Attracts All Birds

The best and easiest way to attract the greatest variety of birds to your yard is to provide a dependable source of water. Birds utilize a water source for drinking and bathing for feather maintenance and cooling. Who doesn’t appreciate watching a robin or goldfinch bathing in a birdbath? But expect a wide variety of colorful birds.

A simple shallow clay or ceramic saucer that holds one or two inches of water positioned a few feet off the ground is adequate. Keep in mind, some birdbaths are quite deep, but keep your water depth shallow so finches, warblers and other small birds can bathe. And if you can find one with a slanted rather than vertical inner bowl. A saucer about 10 inches in circumference provides the most basic birdbath, but a variety of interesting water features are available. 

Fountains and water features with circulating water and small cascades are popular, and some even use real or artificial rockwork or decorative tiles to add a distinctive element to any yard or window view. Check out your wild bird specialty stores and garden centers for fun water feature options.