Wednesday, November 24, 2021

MoreBirds Abundance Combination Feeder

The MoreBirds Abundance Combination Sunflower-Thistle Bird Feeder.

Now you can feed sunflower seeds or thistle seeds by using the versatile design of the MoreBirds Abundance Combination Sunflower-Thistle Bird Feeder. You can serve any seeds by installing the “Thistle Port Inserts” that convert this sunflower seed songbird feeder into a thistle seed finch feeder. Boasting a 3½ pound capacity, the Abundance Feeder’s versatile design allows you to “Choose Your Birds” by simply adjusting the 6 perches for larger or smaller birds.

The “Stay Full Port” design ensures that seeds are evenly distributed in the feeder, even when seed levels are low. The easy-clean hinge design makes cleaning this feeder a breeze and it’s easy to refill it too using the wide-mouthed top opening and stay-in-place lid that effortlessly slides up the metal wire hanger. This popular MoreBirds Abundance Feeder measures13 inches high, 7 inches wide, and 7 inches in diameter.

You can get more information about the MoreBirds Abundance Combination Feeder at More Birds® Abundance Combination Sunflower/Thistle Bird Feeder And check out the 30 percent off sale on select feeders and accessories during MoreBirds’ Black Friday Sale this Friday.