Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Summer Birding Festivals

The attraction of hummingbirds has created a central theme for some summer birding festivals (Calliope Hummingbird by Marya Moosman).

After an obvious mid-summer break in birding festival activities, there are 9 excellent summer birding festivals available for birders during late July and August. While each of these birding fests provides a variety of seasonal birds to study, most also have a focus on a family of birds: There are 4 hummingbird festivals, 2 Sandhill Crane festivals, and a grebe festival. Some festivals are available more locally for several hours, while others are weekend or longer affairs. From Sedona to Steamboat Springs, Fairbanks to Knoxville, check out the upcoming summer birding festivals.

Learn more about each of the summer birding festivals by referring to the links provided below:

July 26 to 28 – Arizona – Sedona Hummingbird Festival, Sedona, Arizona; see Sedona Hummingbird Festival - July 26-28, 2024 - Come Join Us!

July 31 to August 3 – Arizona – Southwest Wings Birding & Nature Festival, Sierra Vista, Arizona; see Southwest Wings Birding and Nature Festival -Sierra Vista | Sierra Vista Birding and Nature (

August 7 to 11 – Arizona – Southeast Arizona Birding Festival, Tucson, Arizona; see Festival ? Tucson Audubon

August 9 to 11 – California – Plumas Audubon Grebe Festival, Chester, California; see 2024 Field Trips and Activities - Plumas Audubon Society

August 10 – Indiana – Indiana Audubon Hummingbird Migration Festival, Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary, Connersville, Indiana; see Hummingbird Migration Celebration 2024 Tickets, Sat, Aug 10, 2024 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite

August 17 – Tennessee – Ijams Hummingbird Fest, Sagawau Environmental Learning Center, Knoxville, Tennessee; see Ijams Hummingbird Festival | Ijams

August 17 – Minnesota – Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah, Henderson, Minnesota; see Hurrah - Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah

August 23 to 25 – Alaska – Tanana Valley Sandhill Crane Festival, Fairbanks, Alaska; see Tanana Valley Sandhill Crane Festival | Friends of Creamer’s Field (

August 29 to September 1 – Colorado – Yampa Valley Crane Festival, Steamboat Springs, Colorado; see Festival – Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition (