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Bird Photography is Central to the Canon Bird Branch Project
Wednesday June 12, 2019   |
You will enjoy the diversity of bird photos presented in the Canon Bird Branch Project website, and you can learn how to take better photos of birds, such as these Black-necked Stilts.

Canon Global provides an international perspective into birds, the cycle of life, and especially bird photography in their comprehensive Bird Branch Project. A wealth of information is provided in web pages within such headings as the Bird Photo Guide, Junior Photographers, a Photo Gallery of birds worldwide, and Bird Column. The most interesting segment for many birders may be: How to Photograph Wild Birds, which is divided into three levels, the Introductory, Advanced, and Practical courses, each of which is sectioned into valuable topics.

Other sections of the website describe Activities at Canon Sites, along with Etiquette for wild bird photography. The Canon Bird Branch Project Biodiversity Initiatives emphasize birds as primary symbols of the cycle of life. Whatever your age and level of interest in birds, you will enjoy reviewing the variety of pages and gleaning information about birds and techniques about bird photography.

For the most part, you must visit this Canon Bird Branch Project web pages to appreciate how wide-ranging and insightful the content can be; visit https://global.canon/en/environment/bird-branch/index.html



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