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Free Feathered Friends Curriculum for Educators
Wednesday February 7, 2018   |
Pages from the revised Feathered Friends curriculum.

Teachers receive a free bird feeder to support science lessons 

Ithaca, NY--Inspire students with engaging, hands-on science curriculum that meets the Next Generation Science Standards. BirdSleuth, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s K-12 education program, has updated its popular Feathered Friends curriculum with fun, new lessons that are perfect for elementary students. Thanks to the support of Pennington Wild Bird Feed, the entire curriculum is available free of charge.

"Feathered Friends is a fantastic resource for inspiring wonder, outdoor learning, and connections with families at home," says Jerri Pisani, a teacher with Boston Public Schools. "The shared experiences lead to powerful learning!"

Feathered Friends provides year-round content to educators, which introduces children to their local environment through the pleasures of feeding and watching birds. Activities cover topics such as habitat, migration, citizen science, and bird behavior. To help bring bird feeding into the classroom, Pennington is offering a free window bird feeder to educators.

"Getting students excited about science at an early age is vital to promote lifelong learning," says Jennifer Fee, BirdSleuth program director. "By revising Feathered Friends, we hope to inspire elementary students and provide educators with lessons that meet educational standards."

"We are very excited to continue our partnership with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology," says Chanin Gill, Director of Marketing at Pennington. "Incorporating bird feeding into the classroom not only provides educators with a fun and engaging activity, it also helps foster an appreciation for the environment and scientific exploration that will last a lifetime."

Download Feathered Friends free at www.birdsleuth.org/pennington and be sure to get a free window bird feeder.

Email BirdSleuth@cornell.edu with any questions.

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