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Saturday is October Big Day for Birders Worldwide!
Wednesday October 16, 2019   |
Saturday is October Big Day Worldwide! Join birders from more than 150 countries to report birds observed October 19th down the street and around the world. (Common Goldeneye photo by Paul Konrad)
Consider adding photos to your October Big Day report. Pio Marshall submitted the above photo of a White-bridled Finch, which is a resident of southern-most Argentina, some neighboring lands in Chile, and the Falkland Islands.

Are you prepared to share the excitement of the October Big Day of birding this Saturday, October 19th? This Saturday birders will share the lists of birds they observe at favorite birding locations, including their yards. Throughout the day you can see the lists increase in numbers across different parts of the world as data is updated in real-time on the eBird October Big Day webpage. Last year birders from 153 nations observed and reported 6,331 different species of birds during that October Big Day!

Join birders around the world on Saturday October 19th for the October Big Day, when all species and all birds count! Last year birders from 153 nations observed and reported 6,331 different species of birds during that October Big Day. Join the fun in any way you wish – by visiting one or more locations and reporting the species and numbers of birds you see, or simply spend some time in your own yard and report your birds and relevant information to eBird, or by all means, do both!

You can join a group that’s participating in your area, organize a group of friends, take your family birding, or head out on your own, taking your time and doing a personal October Big Day.

It’s very easy to participate, and it’s important too. After birding, you simply add your bird list to eBird. The accumulated information reported by birders provides a unique snapshot into where each species can be found the middle of October. This data also adds to information reported the first Saturday of May during the similar Global Birding Day.

Saturday is almost here, so to get inspired and start your plan for October 19th please visit https://ebird.org/news/october-big-day-19-october-2019

To appreciate the expansiveness of this truly worldwide effort, take a look at the interesting summation of information reported last year at https://ebird.org/octoberbigday

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