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Three Squirrel-Proof Seed Feeders Rated Highest by Popular Science  
Wednesday August 8, 2018   |
Brome SquirrelBuster Plus
Droll Yankee Yankee Flipper
Duncraft Squirrel Blocker

Popular Science magazine put squirrel-proof feeders to the test, and Brome Bird Care “SquirrelBuster Plus” feeder received the highest honors for foiling squirrels’ efforts to steal bird seed. The “Yankee Flipper” from Droll Yankee and the Duncraft “Squirrel Blocker” were also praised by Popular Science.

Each squirrel-proof feeder uses a different approach to stymie squirrels. The top-rated SquirrelBuster Plus uses the squirrels’ weight against them: Any creature weighing more than 3.5 ounces that lands on the perch (including larger birds), causes a metal sleeve to slide down and cover the feeding ports.

When anything heavier than eight ounces (a gray squirrel usually weighs 14 to 20 ounces) settles on the Yankee Flipper perch, a battery-powered motor causes it to spin, sending the squirrel airborne. This feeder gets extra points for entertainment value.

The Duncraft Squirrel Blocker utilizes a metal grid to guard the seed from squirrels. Birds can poke their beaks in to glean seeds, but squirrels can’t reach the bird food.

If you’re having squirrel problems at your feeding station, one or all of these squirrel-proof feeders may make the difference in any squirrel wars you may be waging.

For additional information, please refer to Popular Science at https://www.popsci.com/best-bird-feeders-no-squirrels#page-2, and Brome Bird Care at https://bromebirdcare.com, Droll Yankee at http://drollyankees.com, and Duncraft at https://www.duncraft.com

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