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Birders Record 6,136 Species Worldwide in One Day! The Results of the October Big Day
Wednesday November 7, 2018   |
Green-headed Tanager photo by Marcos Eugenio

On October 6th, more than 17,000 birders around the world went birding during the first October Big Day. Reporting from 146 countries, participants tallied 6,136 species of birds: more than half of the world’s bird species in a single day! eBirders added 21,149 photos to their birding lists, photographing 2,356 species within the 24-hour Big Day. These are remarkable statistics for a single day of October birding!

The Cornell Lab’s Team eBird summoned the amazing power of the global birding community – uniting people across every boundary by our shared passion for birds. The October Big Day collected 725,000 bird observations toward these goals.

A bit of rain during the October Big Day in parts of the United States and Canada couldn’t keep birders inside: The final U.S. tally was 677 species, made possible by great totals from states like California (352 species), Texas (342 species) and Arizona (265 species). American eBirders also documented 537 species with photographs in their eBird checklists (79 percent of all birds observed!), and 84 species audio records were included – quite impressive!

Canadian birding teams found 324 species, with the highest single-person total of 141 species from David Bell in British Columbia. The provinces of Ontario, Quebec and British Colombia were neck-and-neck for most species observed with 203, 196 and 193 respectively. Canadian eBirders logged 3,638 checklists for the day, the second best globally.

For October Big Day information about species noted in other countries and other continents, be sure to see the full ebirding report athttps://ebird.org/news/october-big-day-6-october-2018


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