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Ohio Lights Out Campaign for Birds
Wednesday August 7, 2019   |
The Ohio Lights Out campaign will save countless numbers of songbirds that migrate at night, such as this Wilsonís Warbler.

Buildings all across the state are joining the Ohio Lights Out campaign to help save migrating birds – and energy! Many birds migrate at night, and lights from buildings can cause them to strike windows or buildings. By reducing nighttime lighting, birders and non-birders alike can reduce the number of birds, especially songbirds, that collide with buildings. Throughout the state of Ohio, building managers, employees, and residents can help in a big way, simply by turning off unnecessary lighting. Next: Lights off across the USA and Canada!

Estimates indicate millions of birds collide with windows during each fall migration, as well as during spring migrations. Window strikes are especially lethal to migrating songbirds, including warblers, tanagers, orioles, buntings, and other neotropical migrants.

What Can You Do?

* Limit exterior lighting

* Turn off lights when you leave a room

* Close blinds or curtains when you have lights turned on

When Is The Most Important Time Period?

* Between midnight and dawn

* During Fall: August 15 to October 31

* During Spring: March 15 to June 15

This is a message being spread far and wide across Ohio by the Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative. Some of the state’s largest cities, including Cleveland and Columbus have initiated vastly important volunteer efforts entitled Lights Out Cleveland and Lights Out Columbus to get communities to move quickly in this direction – it’s a true bird conservation initiative.

With Ohio taking such affirmative action on behalf of migrating birds, spreading the message and encouraging Lights Out participation – building by building and office by office – let’s hope like-minded people and organizations adopt this and similar actions to spread the word about Light Out for Birds Across the Country!

For more information, please refer to https://ohiolightsout.org/

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