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Book Review: The Narrow Edge A Tiny Bird, an Ancient Crab and an Epic Journey
Wednesday July 11, 2018   |

The relationship twists and turns in The Narrow Edge are almost as complicated and surprising as those in a Harlequin romance novel. Join author Deborah Cramer as she explores the fascinating connection between Hemisphere-trotting shorebirds and the living fossils upon which their survival depends.

Red Knots are sandpipers not much larger than the American Robins in your yard. Each year, some migrate tens of thousands of miles from their wintering range in southern South America to nesting sites in the high Arctic. Along the way they stop to fuel their migration flights at a handful of locations to gorge on the millions of eggs being laid by horseshoe crabs. In The Narrow Edge, you’ll experience every drama faced by these two species as they struggle to survive in our changing world.

The horseshoe crab story may be the most intriguing part of this book. Once super-abundant at locations such as Delaware Bay, crab numbers plummeted when they were harvested first for fertilizer and then for eel bait. Just when you thought it was safe for them to come back out on the beach, an amazing medical discovery linked to human health imperils them again. Pick up your own copy to learn the whole story.


For more information, contact Yale University Press at: https://yalepress.yale.edu/search/node/the%20narrow%20edge

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