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More Live Falcon and Owl Nest Cams
Wednesday May 15, 2019   |
You can monitor the live feed from a big nest box that is hosting a pair of adult Barn Owls and their five nestlings east of San Diego, California.

Another group of live nest cameras is providing exciting views of real-time action at a number of active falcon and owls nest sites. See the action at an artificial Peregrine Falcon eyrie atop a building in northern Wisconsin, monitor growing Barn Owls in a nest box in Ramona, California, and don’t miss the American Kestrel mini-falcons in their nest box in Burlington, Washington. HDonTap specializes in providing live camera feeds via their internet site, and birders are thrilled to see intimate looks at nesting behavior and the growth of downy nestlings now through fledging.

See attentive Peregrine Falcons at their nesting eyrie in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, as they care for their new brood of downy nestlings, just hatched on May 6 and 7, at https://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/briess-falcon-cam?utm_source=HDOnTap&utm_campaign=f1d8ffc729-NEWSLETTER_2019_05_09&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e3b970361a-f1d8ffc729-153032813

Check out the action day or night among the five Barn Owl nestlings, aged three to four weeks old, in their nest box in Romona, California at https://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/ramona-barn-owls?utm_source=hdontap.com&utm_medium=relatedcamscarousel

Monitor the growth of newly hatched American Kestrels in the nest box cam in Burlington, Washington at https://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/Washington-live-streaming-kestrel-falcon-bird-cam?utm_source=HDOnTap&utm_campaign=f1d8ffc729-NEWSLETTER_2019_05_09&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e3b970361a-f1d8ffc729-153032813

There are several other interesting nest cams to check out too, including active nests of Bald Eagles, Ospreys, and Red-tailed Hawks. Check back to the sites you like best to see how the nesting season is progressing every couple days to learn more about the nesting biology of these interesting birds of prey.

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