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Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands National Parks Remain Closed
Wednesday October 11, 2017   |
Damage Update for : Christiansted NHS, Buck Island Reef NM, & Salt River Bay NHP & EP

Incident Information: http://go.nps.gov/Hurricanes

San Juan, PR – Earlier today an Immediate Release was published regarding the continued closure of all Caribbean park units. This update is to provide specific information regarding damage to Christiansted NHS (CHRI), Buck Island Reef NM (BUIS), and Salt River Bay NHP&EP (SARI), all of which sustained damage from Hurricane Maria, mainly in the form of downed trees, loss of power, structural building damage, shoreline erosion, and storm-washed debris.

As of today, Christiansted NHS (CHRI) remains closed to public while park conducts cleanup, building repairs, and GVI works to restore power to Christiansted town. FEMA is currently operating the Disaster Relief Assistance Program in NPS DWI Guinea Company Warehouse first floor (Old Post Office Building) from 12-5pm and the parking lot will remain closed. Salt River Bay NHP & EP Visitor Contact Station was badly damaged by hurricane Maria and will remain closed to the public for the foreseeable future. Buck Island Reef sustained substantial damage to shoreline, vegetation and coral reef areas. All park facilities at Buck Island Reef NM above the high water mark are closed including 100 ft long cement pier on south side and the underwater trail area. Any visitors that enter Buck Island Reef NM do so at their own risk.

CAUTION: All Buck Island Reef NM private NPS aids-to-navigation, regulatory, boundary and information buoys are not on station and should not be used for navigation. NPS is in process of re-establishing and correcting buoys as soon as possible. NPS Law Enforcement patrols are underway.

For further information please contact…www.nps.gov/CHRI
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