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Introducing the All About Birds Pocket Guide Series
Wednesday May 17, 2017   |
Get to know the birds in your yard with handy fold-outs from the Cornell Lab

Ithaca, N.Y.-- The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has just launched its All About Birds Pocket Guide Series, 15 new birding titles published in collaboration with Waterford Press.

Watching birds is one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America. The pocket guide series helps people enhance their enjoyment of birds by learning more about them. Complete with detailed species information, photos, illustrations, and maps, these titles cover a wide range of topics for everyone who is curious about birds—from Birding 101 to Nests & Eggs of North American Backyard Birds.

"Birds are so beautiful and ubiquitous that millions of people are hooked on watching birds and asking all kinds of questions about what they're seeing," said Miyoko Chu, senior director of Communications at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

"These guides get to the heart of those questions by revealing how to attract diverse birds to your yard, how to identify birds by sight and sound, and how to witness them raising their families—sometimes right in your own backyard."

There are regional guides for bird identification and guides that explain how to choose a bird feeder or birdhouse and plant a garden for birds. All the guides are laminated for durability.

Proceeds help support the Cornell Lab's nonprofit mission to improve the understanding and protection of birds.

The new guides are listed below.

1) Backyard Birds of Eastern/Central North America

2) Backyard Birds of Western North America

3) Feeder Birds of the Northeast

4) Feeder Birds of the Northwest

5) Feeder Birds of the Southeast

6) Feeder Birds of the Southwest

7) Feeder Birds of Southern California

8) Feeder Birds of Texas

9) Feeder Birds of the Midwest

10) Hummingbirds of North America

11) Gardening for Birds

12) Right Bird, Right House

13) Nests and Eggs

14) Birding 101

15) Bird Feeders and Food
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