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Mountain Bird Festival Attendees to Receive Duck Stamps
Wednesday April 9, 2014   |
Klamath Bird Observatory, a scientific non-profit organization that achieves bird and habitat conservation in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the ranges of the migratory birds of the region, is hosting its inaugural Mountain Bird Festival in southern Oregon in late May of this year. This unique and fun community event places conservation front and center. As an indication of this, every festival attendee receives a Duck Stamp.

The Federal Duck Stamp Program (the "Duck Stamp" is more formally known as the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp) is considered one of the most successful conservation programs ever; proceeds from stamp sales are used to purchase or lease wetland habitat for protection within the National Wildlife Refuge System. More than 6 million acres of strategic wetland habitat have been preserved through this program over the last 80 years.

Also, Klamath Bird Observatory is unveiling for festival attendees an attractive Mountain Bird Conservation Science Stamp, designed by local artist Gary Bloomfield. Proceeds from the sale of this stamp support Klamath Bird Observatory's scientific programs that inform management for healthy lands, airs, and waters in the Pacific Northwest.

To learn more about the inaugural Mountain Bird Festival, and to register for field trips featuring Great Gray Owl, White-headed Woodpecker, Lewis's Woodpecker, Hermit Warbler, and Dusky Flycatcher, visit this website:

Learn more at: www.klamathbird.org/education/mountainbird
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