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Bringing Back the Birds
Wednesday August 7, 2019   |
Bringing Back the Birds

New from Mountaineers Books, Bring Back the Birds, Exploring Migration and Preserving Birdscapes Throughout the Americas, features extraordinary photographs with essays by leading ornithologists combined in this celebration of birds and the exploration of why habitat protection is critical for their future. Owen Deutsch’s photographs drive this impressive publication that delivers conservation messages that are so poignant and important that this volume can be considered a new standard for every birder, and every ‘American’ from Canada to Chile, to digest and appreciate.

The Americas support an astonishing array of birds that rely on the hemisphere’s diverse habitats. That reliance on certain habitats can be localized or it may reach across continents: Swainson’s Thrushes migrate from South America all the way to Alaska to nest, while certain grebes spend their entire lives on a single lake. Treasured songbirds that feed at northern backyard feeders, yet many arrive from points far to the south that they share with an abundance of tropical species.

The American Bird Conservancy works across the Americas with a goal to have birds routinely prioritized in all land use and policy decision-making. Bringing Back the Birds showcases these efforts, illustrated by the stunning photography of Owen Deutsch and eloquent essays from experts in the field, including Peter Marra from the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and John Fitzpatrick from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology; naturalists Kimberly and Kenn Kaufman, and American Bird Conservancy contributors Mike Parr, E.J. Williams, and Clare Nielson. 100 percent of the royalties for Bringing Back the Birds support the American Bird Conservancy.

Many of the photos are unparalleled, and while there is an emphasis on tropical species most North Americans have never seen, including a remarkable collection of photos of hummingbirds and tropical songbirds, they will serve to inform and inspire readers by their differences to the many North American migrants illustrated. Then too, you will be so interested in “new” species that you will surely want to learn more about them.

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