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'Only Owls' Opens at the Museum of American Bird Art
Wednesday January 30, 2013   |
CANTON, MA- Owls are fascinating creatures. Quiet and carnivorous, with masterful hearing and eyesight, these mysterious birds have inspired artists throughout time.

Only Owls, a new exhibition, opened Sunday, Jan. 27 at the Museum of American Bird Art (formerly Mass Audubon Visual Arts Center). It brings together an array of artistic representations in pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolor, and woodcut drawn from the collections of the Woodson Art Museum and the Museum of American Bird Art.

Visitors will see art by Leonard Baskin, Robert Bateman, Robert Verity Clem, James Coe, Don Eckelberry, Andrea Rich and Arthur Singer, among many others. Each artwork provides insight into the intriguing world of owls while also demonstrating a variety of approaches.

Only Owls was organized by the Woodson Art Museum. It will run Sunday, Jan 27 through April 21, Tuesday-Sunday 1-5pm.

The Museum of American Bird Art at Mass Audubon is a professional art museum within New England's largest conservation organization, connecting people and nature through art. Our exhibitions feature art by internationally recognized artists inspired by nature.

Located on a 124-acre wildlife sanctuary just south of Boston, the Museum of American Bird Art at Mass Audubon houses Mass Audubon's extensive art collection, which is shared with the public through exhibitions as well as through a wide variety of education programs.

Programs are offered in many formats, including hands-on art classes in drawing, photography, clay, watercolor, and other mediums; gallery talks and nature exploration. On- and off-site programs serve children, adults, families, and school and community groups.
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