Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Find Sandhill Cranes Near You

Sunset Sandhills (photo by Ted Thousand).
Sandhill Cranes provide memorable fall experiences that inspire people to return to the field each fall (photo by Paul Konrad).

Many people enjoy finding and spending time in the company of Sandhill Cranes as an annual rite of fall. Few birds provide birders with more exciting observations than fall flocks of Sandhill Cranes, when you can observe their flights and dances, and experience their clarion calls of the wild. Now, you can plan Sandhill-specific field trips using the International Crane Foundation’s “Sandhill Crane Finder” that provides information about where Sandhills have been reported recently, including information about the location, date, time, and number of cranes sighted.

Keep in mind that some birds may be observed flying, which may make them harder to relocate, but many reports pinpoint annual fall staging locations where sightings of Sandhill Cranes are virtually guaranteed. With a little extra effort, you can plan a Sandhill-oriented field trip and enjoy one of the great families of birds in the wild – the cranes.

To use the new Sandhill Crane Finder, go to and you can get more Crane Finder info at