Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Picture Window Feeder

The Duncraft Picture Window Feeder.

Duncraft’s new Picture Window Feeder attracts birds to feed close to your window for great views at this see-through feeder with 3 compartments that permit you to offer a variety of foods to attract summer visitors like orioles, thrushes, goldfinches, woodpeckers, and more when you offer a variety of seeds, jelly and orange slices, and no-melt suet cakes. This large window feeder measures 17 x 5½ x 6½ inches, and attaches to the window with 4 large suction cups.

A UV stabilized plastic roof extends at a 90-degree angle against the window for additional stability, and eco-friendly recycled plastic keeps the 3 feeder compartments separate. The middle compartment features 2 clear clips that swivel to keep suet cakes in place and a perforated aluminum floor provides excellent drainage and air flow. Made in the USA and available exclusively from Duncraft, you can learn more about the Duncraft Picture Window Feeder and other great birding products at