Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Zeiss to Continue Sponsorship of New Jersey Audubon’s Young Birder’s Program

THORNWOOD, NY – February 28, 2018 – Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, a leading manufacturer of high performance sports optics for birders and nature enthusiasts, is continuing its partnership with New Jersey Audubon to promote conservation and birdwatching among the youth.

The New Jersey Young Birder’s Club, New Jersey Audubon’s premier youth program, features birding trips and activities to engage young people in the sport of birdwatching, and to encourage a passion in the natural world.

New Jersey Audubon recently conducted a survey of young birders in the program, with 100 percent of the respondents saying they enjoy the sport so much they had left their immediate neighborhood in the past month to observe birds. More than 80 percent plan to participate in the annual World Series of Birding, a 24-hour birdwatching event held in Cape May, taking place this year on May 12.

The top reasons given for being a birder were love of animals, concern for nature and natural habitats, and making friends with other birders. Said one typical young birder, “I've always loved animals, nature, and being outside and birdwatching lets me experience all of that any time I want.” Another commented, “I [enjoy] learning about the birds and how to identify them, making friends, and sharing my love of birds with other people.”

Dale Rosselet, Vice President for Education of NJ Audubon, is pleased with the popularity of the young birder’s program. “We are so grateful for ZEISS’s continued sponsorship,” she says. “When you take a survey that shows that every respondent is not only excited by the program offerings, but is eager to learn more and participate more deeply, you know you are making a long-term impact.

“ZEISS’s ongoing partnership means we can continue to deliver high-quality educational programs now and on into the future,” she added. “We are building a cohort of dedicated environmental activists that will shape the future of conservation in New Jersey and beyond.”

ZEISS continues to serve as the lead sponsor of this programwhich provides young people throughout New Jersey the expertise, skills, and equipment they need to enjoy birding as well as strengthen their love of healthy outdoor pursuits and provide them with STEM education.

Specific youth-oriented outreach efforts include:

-        Engage over 3,000 children in informal science education using birds and birdwatching, through scout troops, summer camps, afterschool programs and the NJ Young Birders Club.

-        Plan and conduct a minimum of 10 youth birding field trips as well as three targeted events just for young birders including their annual Autumn and Spring events.

-        Identify and work with youth-serving groups in traditionally underserved communities to bring birds and birdwatching to school-based/afterschool/weekend programming.


Learn more at The Carl Zeiss Sports Optics Youth Challenge – World Series of Birding

New Jersey Audubon encourages youth participation in the internationally recognized World Series of Birding.  Participation in the Youth Division, sponsored by Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, grows every year.  In 2018, the company will invite youth from the Eco-Schools USA program to participate as well as those from scout groups and afterschool clubs. 

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About New Jersey Audubon

The New Jersey Audubon is a privately supported, not-for profit, state-wide membership organization. Founded in 1897, and one of the oldest independent Audubon’s, New Jersey Audubon is working to make New Jersey a better place for people and wildlife. New Jersey Audubon fosters environmental awareness and a conservation ethic among New Jersey's citizens; protects New Jersey's birds, mammals, other animals, and plants, especially endangered and threatened species; and promotes preservation of New Jersey's valuable natural habitats. To learn more, visit


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