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IntoBirds Catches Up With Jim Fowler
Wednesday February 7, 2018   |

RIDGEFIELD, CT  – IntoBirds, an online magazine, community, and resource for all things birds recently had the pleasure catching up with Wild Kingdom star Jim Fowler and talk with the beloved naturist, conservationist, and zoologist about all things birds and nature in a seven-part blog series, ‘Catching Up with Wild Kingdom’s Star Jim Fowler.

Fowler is best known for facing wild beasts, wrestling alligators, having a 22-foot anaconda swallow up his arm to his shoulder, getting knocked out by a chimpanzee named Mr. Moke and bringing a punk rock monkey onto Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show.

He’s a man with many stories to share about wildlife and offers keen observations about the connection between the natural world and humanity.

Fowler and his wife, Betsey, a prominent wildlife artist, welcomed intoBirds to their home in Rowayton, Connecticut and discussed his newfound passion for bird watching in his backyard. Although the birds he sees today are much smaller, Fowler’s just as passionate about discovering wildlife and shared his pride and joy, the custom-designed ‘Fowler Feeder.’

“Jim Fowler was the first reality show star and pioneer in a genre that became the precursor to the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet,” says Renee Hewitt, co-founder, and editor-in-chief of intoBirds. “Wild Kingdom’s exciting footage brought the wilds of Africa, the Amazon River, and other exotic locales into the living rooms of millions of viewers every Sunday night. More importantly, Jim Fowler and Wild Kingdom increased ecological and environmental awareness in the U.S. and around the globe and intoBirds is proud to catch up with Jim and talk about his new mission open space, wildlife and wilderness.”

Topics featured in the blog series include:

-Fowler’s customer-built Fowler Feeder

-His trick for squirrel-proofing your bird feeder

-Tips for backyard bird watching success

-The most common birds Fowler finds at his feeder

-What bird guide he uses

-His favorite bird of prey

-Learn about his wife Betsey’s wildlife artwork

-Fowler’s favorite country to see birds

-His new mission about open space

Part one of ‘Catching Up with Wild Kingdom’s Star Jim Fowler’ blog series is available at https://intobirds.com/wild-kingdom-star-jim-fowler-shares-custom-designed-bird-feeder/

About IntoBirds

IntoBirds is an online magazine, community, and resource for all things birds based in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Whether it’s nature, art, architecture, engineering, literature, film or fashion, birds inspire creative minds to reach for the skies. 

Whatever you call yourself: a bird watcher, bird enthusiast or just love birds, we all share a common trait: we are into birds.

Learn more and follow IntoBirds at www.intobirds.com@intobirds, and #intobirds.


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