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Enjoy the Indiana Hummingbird Migration Celebration August 10th
Wednesday August 7, 2019   |
Ruby-throated Hummingbirds attract a lot of attention during their southbound fall migration.

Indiana Audubon is hosting the annual Hummingbird Migration Celebration this Saturday, August 10, at the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary in Connersville, Indiana. This exciting event will attract birders and hummingbird enthusiasts from throughout the Midwest. Event sponsors and partners provide an opportunity for attendees to learn about Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, how to attract them and keep them coming year after year; attend hummingbird banding demonstrations that permit you to view hummingbirds up close, nature walks, a native flowering plant sale, programs about birds and other pollinators, kids’ activities, vendor booths, live music, and more.

Early bird registration by August 8 is $10 for people 18 and older; $15 the day of the event; children are free. To learn more about the Hummingbird Migration Celebration and Indiana Audubon, visit https://hummingbirds.indianaaudubon.org/


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