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Winners of the World Series of Birding are Celebrated
Wednesday May 15, 2019   |
Members of a World Series of Birding team scout for birds to add to their competition list.

The 50th World Series of Birding competition was conducted on an excellent spring migration day this past Saturday, when 59 teams competed within 24 hours to see which teams could find the most birds in their respective categories across all or parts of the state of New Jersey. The event is sponsored annually by New Jersey Audubon, and this year the overall winning team, with a total of 209 different species of birds, was a team from the Zeiss Youth Challenge – Hail the 2019 winning team, the Young Birders of the Maryland Ornithological Society’s Marsh Gigglers Team.

The Marsh Gigglers edged out the closest team by just two species, but that was enough to claim the title over the Cornell Redheads Team, who tallied an impressive 207 species for the day. The Redheads topped the Level 1 Conservation Challenge teams. Overall, teams competed in seven Level 1 categories, one Level 2 category, and four Level 3 divisions. The number of species counted collectively by all teams was 254 species of birds!

All teams competed in the Series in an effort to raise funds for a selected conservation project or organization, including New Jersey Audubon. Congratulations and thanks to all the birders and teams that participated, and all the individuals, organizations, and businesses who sponsored and contributed to this year’s conservation fund-raising via the World Series of Birding!

For more information, about the teams and competition standings, freshly added to the new web page revealing Saturday’s results, see https://live.worldseriesofbirding.org/completed-teams/ and check out the World Series of Birding webpage with all their sponsors at http://worldseriesofbirding.org/

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